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EXFO AXS-200/850 Ethernet Sharptester


  • Performance assessment of Carrier Ethernet services
  • Installation, activation and maintenance of metro Ethernet networks
  • Deployment of active Ethernet (point-to-point) access services

Simplifying Ethernet Testing
Part of EXFO’s wide-ranging Ethernet test offering, the AXS-200/850 Ethernet Test Set delivers comprehensiv test functionalities without the typical complexity associated with Ethernet/IP testing. Whether for installing, turning up or maintaining Ethernet and IP services, the AXS-200/850 is ready to perform. Thanks to a feature set that includes bidirectional RFC 2544, traffic generation and monitoring, multistream background traffic, BERT, as wel as IP connectivity tools such as ping and traceroute, this lightweight, handheld unit provides front-line technicians with all the tools they need to get through their test cycles quickly and efficiently.

Key Features

  • Bidirectional RFC 2544 testing with independent results for each direction tested simultaneously
  • Traffic generation and monitoring for network performance testing
  • Multiple background streams traffic for carrier Ethernet services testing
  • Bit-error-rate testing (BERT) up to layer 4
  • Cable testing
  • Intelligent network autodiscovery for simplified loopback testing
  • QoS, ToS and diffserv capabilities
  • Pass/fail results (LED indicators) with user-defined thresholds
  • Compact, rugged, lightweight uni

Intelligent Network Discovery Mode

Using an AXS-200/850, you can access multiple EXFO datacom remote testers. One click lets you scan the network and choose from a list of all available EXFO datacom testers on the network. Simply select the unit to be tested with and choose whether you want traffic to be looped back via Smart Loopback or Dual Test Set for simultaneous bidirectional RFC 2544 results. No more need for an additional technician at the far end to relay critical information—the AXS-200/850 takes care of it all

Rugged, Lightweight and Designed for Front-Line Technicians

EXFO’s AXS-200/850 Ethernet Test Set was designed according to the real-life challenges brought by Ethernet testing. Its user-friendly features shorten the learning curve for both expert and entry-level technicians and enable them to complete their test cycles quickly and efficiently.

pass/Fail Testing
Thanks to built-in pass/fail thresholds, the AXS-200/850 delivers clear-cut assessment of test results. What’s more, thresholds can be modified for testing rate-limited services.

Results display
Test results are presented according to three formats:

  • Pass/fail results based on default or user-configured thresholds
  • Sneak-peek results during tests
  • Complete results down to their associated frame sizes

Event Logger
The Event logger functionality allows users to pinpoint exactly when and how their tests are failing. Key features include:

  • Color coded events
  • Broken pass/fail thresholds are presented with both the expected and duration of exceeded threshold values
  • Pass/fail status is provided at the conclusion of the log
  • Events displayed in full context such as Bit Error, Link Down, etc.

Quick configuration Recall
With the AXS-200/850, the user no longer needs to search for previously entered MAC or IP addresses. The AXS-200/850 remembers the last three IP and MAC addresses, allowing for an instantaneous entry of address information.

print Report
The AXS-200/850 supplies users with a print report that contains complete test results, which can be viewed and saved internally or off the unit via a USB memory stick or network connection.

LEd Indicators
Platform LEDs offer crucial information for pass/fail results, laser on/off, errors or alarms, test running and link status.

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