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Selling Fluke AirCheck We Buy New Used AirCheck (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell Fluke Networks CableIQ LinkRunner CIQ-SVC Kit

CableIQ Qualification Tester

At a Glance

Qualifies – Sees if your existing cabling has the bandwidth to support voice, 10/100, VoIP or Gigabit Ethernet
Troubleshoots – shows why existing cabling cannot support the network’s bandwidth requirement (e.g. crosstalk at 11 meters)
Discovers – detects what’s at the end of any cable and displays device configuration (speed/duplex/pairing)
Identifies unused switch ports that can be reallocated
Graphically maps wiring configuration and shows distance to faults with Intelligent Wiremap
Tests all copper cabling media: twisted-pair, coax, and audio cabling

Product Capabilities

The network tech’s vision into cabling bandwidth
CableIQ is the first cabling bandwidth tester for network technicians. It gives even the most novice tech the vision to see what speeds existing cabling can support, quickly isolate cabling from network problems, and discover what is at the far end of any cable. That means network techs can close trouble tickets faster, reduce on-call time, and save money by better utilizing their existing infrastructure.

Reduce escalated problems by as much as 30%
CableIQ’s powerful troubleshooting capability and intuitive interface enable your frontline technicians to identify and troubleshoot a wider range of problems within your infrastructure. Is the port active? Are the duplex settings matched? Is it a network problem or a cable problem? Can the cable support the required network bandwidth? CableIQ is the only tool that can answer all these questions before trouble tickets are escalated to the next level reducing problem escalation by up to 30%.



Link – Determine whether the drop is active, identify its speed, duplex capabilities and service type. 10/100/1000 Mbps
Ping – Verify connectivity to key devices.
Cable verification – Multiple tests help you quickly determine if cable is the problem.
Cable identification – Document unmarked segments, saving you hours of troubleshooting time.
Improved efficiency – Speed up the escalation process by identifying physical or link layer problems.

An essential, personal tool to quickly verify network connectivity and availability
As networks run faster and become more complex, infrastructure cabling and devices must operate to precise levels in a tighter performance window. As a result, nearly 80% of network problems stem from simple wiring and connection problems.

Front-line technicians are the first line of defense against problems in the physical and link layers of the network. LinkRunner improves your troubleshooting and escalation accuracy by helping you to quickly identify if a problem is the network or the PC NIC.

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IntelliTone Pro 200 Probe

Main Features

IntelliTone 200 Probe locates and isolates hidden or bundled voice data and video cables quickly and reliably even on active networks

Get advanced SuperVision for locating cable hidden in floors, ceilings, walls and in bundles The IntelliTone™ Pro Toner and Probe Series from Fluke Networks is the first toner and probe to offer digital and analog signaling all in one tool. That means it’s equipped with the most powerful cable location technologies for any work environment. Use digital mode to trace and locate data cabling safely and effectively on active networks. Use analog mode to isolate individual wire pairs, and trace voice, audio, and video cabling.

The IntelliTone™ Pro Toner and Probe Series from Fluke Networks gives you superior vision for locating cables hidden in floors, ceilings, walls, and in bundles. Its breakthrough digital technology makes it the first tool to tone and trace safely and effectively on active networks.

The IntelliTone Pro 200 Probe features a CABLEMAP capability that identifies common cable miswires in twisted pair cabling. Complete per-pin verification of TIA568 wiring identifies the exact wire that is open, shorted or miswired. LED lights and distinctive tones clearly indicate miswires. The built-in Cablemap feature eliminates the need to carry separate tools or returning to the far-end to replace the toner with a mapper. The IntelliTone Pro 200 Kit is the all-in-one tool to locate and map Category 5 cabling even when plugged into a switch, and verify link service after moves, adds and changes.

The IntelliTone™ Probe’s signal selection thumbwheel lets you choose which tone type to use. Controlled LED signal indicators and audio tones simplify signal interpretation and take the guesswork out of cable location, reducing even the toughest locating problems into a few minutes’ work.

IntelliTone Pro 200 Probe Includes: IntelliTone Pro 200 Probe, RJ11 and RJ 45 patch cables, lanyard, owners CD and quick start guide, and 9 volt battery.

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