Current post: Selling Fluke Networks 682 – We Buy New Used 682 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Selling Fluke Networks 682 – We Buy New Used 682 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell Fluke Networks 682 LANMeter Cat5e Network Analyzer

Fluke 682 Enterprise LANMeter

The first and only portable troubleshooting tools specifically designed to help network managers see across routers to view events on managed networks

The Fluke LANMeter series of handheld testers now makes testing and troubleshooting complicated networks faster and easier than ever before.

Modern Tools for Modern Networks

Today’s diverse super-segmented WANs are loaded with managed hubs, switches, and routers, all scattered over remote sites, making it almost impossible to “see” where problems are originating. Unlike protocol analyzers the Enterprise LANMeter gives managers of these modern networks the fast answers they need.

Ease of Use

From the moment you pick it up, you will find the LANMeter’s front panel simple, straightforward and fast to use. Five dynamically labeled soft function keys put you in control of the intuitive menu system, and status LED indicators reflect the most common local segment problems. It also contains an extensive context sensitive help file system.

New Device Verification

Minimize installation problems by using the LANMeter to verify correct operation of network interface cards, cabling and hubs or MAUs before they have a chance to impact network operation. Verify connectivity and access to key network resources through LAN and WAN connections with protocol-specific ping tests.

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Quick Problem Isolation

The unique functionality of the LANMeter series allows you to quickly isolate the most common problems that occur on an Ethernet or Token Ring network. The Fluke LANMeter is the only single instrument in a handheld package capable of pinpointing network, component and cable problems.

Distributed Testing

The Enterprise LANMeter provides more flexibility in solving network problems by combining portability with remote access and control. With the WebRemote Control Option for Enterprise LANMeter, you can take full control of a 68x Enterprise LANMeter via a Netscape or Microsoft web browser anywhere on the network. No more running back and forth to the physical location of an intermittent problem hoping to be there when the problem occurs again. Just place the LANMeter near the source of the problem, point your web browser to the IP address of the LANMeter and monitor the situation from your office.


Fluke has substantially enhanced support for today’s growing TCP/ IP networks. TCP/IP has rapidly become the most important network protocol for many enterprise- wide networks. The Enterprise LANMeter provides features designed to show key IP network configuration information that is necessary to troubleshoot connectivity and configuration problems in IP networks. In addition, Enterprise LANMeter can use SNMP commands to retrieve configuration and status information, such as route table and bridge forward table, to further facilitate quick diagnostic of network problems in switched or routed environment.


The Enterprise LANMeter is the first portable tool to include SNMP-based troubleshooting capabilities, in an easy-to-use format to reach beyond the attached LAN segment. The unique capability to query via SNMP (including MIB I, II and RMON queries) allows access to information that already exists in managed devices throughout the entire network.

Support You Can Count On The LANMeter analyzer’s Flash ROM Technology protects your investment by allowing quick and easy software updates from your PC. If anything should go wrong, you can count on Fluke’s worldwide service and support to get you up and running fast.

HUB Autotest Tests new or suspected faulty hub and switch ports for correct operation by testing for the presence and polarity of link pulses, offered auto negotiation capabilities and for hub transmit levels. Protocols detected are identified, and selected local IP hosts and IPX servers are queried to ensure connectivity. Cable tests are performed when a cable fault is suspected.

Wire Map
Checks for miswires and for intermediate opens and shorts on twisted pair cable. A pin-by-pin connection list is displayed.

Cable Identifier

Used to map UTP drop and lobe cables to individual offices from the wiring closet. Unique Cable Identifier Remote Units are identified and displayed in the order detected. Up to thirteen identifiers can be connected.

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